Informed negotiation

Business begins with a brief, of course. We define the detail behind the obvious purpose of the purchase and identify the essence of what it would feel like to live in any given property, from the available space to the amenities, aesthetics and finish.

Even during this initial briefing, we will almost certainly be considering properties that we have in mind from our comprehensive inside knowledge. Properties that others might not even know are on, or are about to come onto, the market.

The London property market is awash with facts that are useful as indicators, but need to be put into local context. When it comes to acquiring exceptional property, we know it is rarely a buyer’s market and the advantage is often with the seller, largely represented by sales agents investing in promotion, and aspiring to often inflated prices.

We have invested heavily in contemporary techniques and technology, but it is the personal relationships of many years’ standing that ensure we have both a head start when it comes to the competition and access to the best resources available on your behalf.

These relationships and the confidence born from experience allow us to focus on ‘informed negotiation’-allowing you to enter a deal understanding any disparity in the condition, style and position of the property, as well as any leverage available due to funding, speed of transaction or circumstance. After all, even the best needs to be bought at the right price.