• Johnny Turnbull has spent most of his working life acquiring an unsurpassed knowledge of, and intimate familiarity with, the most elegant parts of London.

    He's seen every market phase and can judge with precision any home's current position on the property cycle.

    Clients often retain his services over a period of many years, trusting both his advice and discretion in a marketplace where competitors can arrive, and often disappear, with alarming alacrity.

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    Samantha caught the property bug over 14 years ago at Aylesford International. From there she moved to Cluttons, winning awards and repeatedly becoming their most valued negotiator. Three years ago, together with Louisa Brodie, she took the leap and set up her own property search company, BrodieCrammond.

    As a member of the new team at Turnbull she continues to offer clients the exemplary professional service that contributed to BrodieCrammond’s excellent reputation.

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